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Experts for EU project related to CBRN issues and Penal Laws, Universidad de Deusto‏

Experts for EU project related to CBRN issues and Penal Laws, Universidad de Deusto‏

The Chair in Law and the Human Genome is preparing a proposal for the lot 2 of a tender  coming from the DG HOME of the European Union (see file attached), which is directly related to CBRN issues and Penal Laws. 

As you will see, we are highly experienced in taking part in EU founded Research Projects. Last year, we completed a study on the question of bioterrorism, biosafety and biosecurity for the DF JLS of the European Union.

According to the objectives of this tender, we are building a network of experts belonging not only to all the MS of the EU, but also to the countries quoted in the tender, who will collaborate with us in the development of these studies. We are looking for representatives of Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldava, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania.

If our proposal were the winner one, the representatives would have to report (about 10 pages) about the situation of this topic in their country, trough the methodology exposed in the tender (that is, not only developing a theoretical study on the legal situation, but also making one or two interviews with practitioners). They should also build a database of about 20 practitioners (lawyers, judges, public prosecutors, etc). We would pay a fee of about 500-600 euro for their efforces, apart from a certificate of being involved in this study.

If you need more information about this proposal, please, let us know. Do not hesitate to ask the questions you may consider necessary. Likewise, If you are not personally interested, but know about someone else who might be, please, let us know. He and us will be really thankful to you.

Urgent reply is needed. Deadline has been fixed on Thursday. Please, tell us about as soon as possible.

Iñigo de Miguel Beriain
Investigador Postdoctoral de la UPV/EHU
Cátedra Interuniversitaria de Derecho
y Genoma Humano
Universidad de Deusto
Avda. Universidades,24
48007 Bilbao
Tel: +34 94 413 92 87 / +34 94 445 57 93
Fax: +34 94 445 55 13