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Jobs, Internships and Volunteering at Minority Rights Group International

Jobs, Internships and Volunteering at Minority Rights Group International
Minority Rights Group International (MRG) exists to promote the rights of minorities and promote cooperation between communities.
In line with this mission MRG seeks to involve volunteers and interns to:
  • Work with staff and partners to organize events, processes and publications that promote the rights of minorities and promote cooperation between communities.
  • Work with staff on the essential tasks that underpin all of our work e.g. fundraising, finance and administration, project and research work.
  • Provide new skills and perspectives to our work.


We recruit volunteers for a minimum time period of 8 weeks full time or 3/6 months part time. Volunteers provide invaluable support to our work. This involves helping with general administration and routine tasks such as logistics, filing, photocopying, preparing correspondence and collating information and training materials. There may also be opportunities to volunteer in areas such as organizing events and fundraising. Office experience and language skills are highly valued. To apply to volunteer in our offices, please print and complete our short office volunteer application form and send or fax it along with a current résumé or work history to MRG's London office (details below).


Interns are recruited to carry out specific projects which often requires at least a working knowledge of a particular language or specialist knowledge/experience in an area of MRG's work. Candidates should have a strong interest in their chosen area, but studying the particular subject at degree level is not a formal requirement. Members of minority community or tribal and indigenous peoples' representatives are highly encouraged to apply. Interns must be legally eligible to work in the United Kingdom. From time to time, MRG will identify a need for a particular task to be undertaken by an intern which we will advertise on the website. However, at any time, interested individuals can submit a CV/resume along with a letter stating their particular interests and the type of work that they are prepared to do, and we will see if there is a match to any ongoing projects.
If you are applying from abroad, please note that the work is unpaid so you will need to be able to support yourself while staying in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, Minority Rights Group International is not able to help with financing travel to the UK or finding accommodation for accepted candidates.
Through an internship, candidates will have the opportunity to increase their working experience, knowledge and skills whilst working in a multicultural and multiethnic environment, learn about how an international human rights NGO functions and how southern partners implement minority rights processes and programmes.


Travel and lunch expenses
Internships and volunteering will take place in our London office only. Minority Rights Group (MRG) will not pay interns and volunteers for placement; all the expenses/costs connected with travel, accommodation, living expenses and health insurance will be borne by the intern/volunteer or his/her sponsoring Government or institution. MRG also regrets that it does not have the resources to assist candidates with search for grants or funding.
MRG is unable to provide assistance with accommodation in London.
MRG will not take any responsibility to support candidates' visa applications. Overseas applicants studying in the UK are allowed to volunteer for up to 20 hours per week and do not need to apply for a visa.

How to apply

Interested candidates are invited to send their CV with a covering letter outlining the field in which they are interested, together with a completed Equal Opportunities form. All applications will be acknowledged by email. If there is a suitable post available, the CV is passed on to the relevant Head of Department who will then write and invite you for an interview.
Claire Thomas
Deputy Director
Minority Rights Group International
54 Commercial Street, London E1 6LT - United Kingdom
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7422 4200
Candidates will be informed in due course of their application/request status, but you should note that, as we always have more applicants than space, there are no guarantees of your being selected.