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Malta Government (S.Europe) Scholarships for International Applicants

Malta Government (S.Europe) Scholarships for International Applicants

Funding and Scholarships for for International Applicants in any field related to arts by the Government of Malta in Europe
Study Subject:Arts
Employer :Ministry of Education,Government of Malta
Level :Any
Scholarship Description: A vibrant arts sector underpins a healthy, open, contemporary society. An energised, growing and sustainable arts community, which spans all art forms and delivers quality outcomes, will sustain an even more demanding leisure industry and is vital to ensure the future cultural, social, intellectual and economic wellbeing of Malta.
Aims and Objectives
Without prejudice to, and in line with, clause 1 above, the Arts Scholarships Scheme shall have the following aims and objectives:
the Arts Scholarship scheme aims at providing more opportunities to promote specialisation in the arts, including performance, music, dance, design, creative writing, film and the visual arts or any combination there of;these scholarships are intended to support individuals who are exceptionally talented in any field of the arts so that one is able to pursue a programme of studies leading to a specialised level in the arts.
Scholarship Application Deadline:29 April 2011