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Summer Peacebuilding Program, Graduate Certificate in Conflict Transformation, SIT Vermont‏

Summer Peacebuilding Program, Graduate Certificate in Conflict Transformation, SIT Vermont‏

The Conflict Transformation across Cultures-CONTACT program started in
1997 with fourteen participants. Today, CONTACT has hundreds of alumni
from all over the world.

"When I was looking at the world map with my daughter, I discovered

how great CONTACT was. I told her that I know people from everywhere. I
know all these countries now, not only with names with its real people.
CONTACT gave me the opportunity to know how they feel and think. Now, I
look at the map and feel how great it is to know people from all over
the world. Waheed Zahran, Palestine

"My time in CONTACT enhanced my understanding of our humanity. Who

are we? Where are we coming from? CONTACT enabled me to see where I am
in the larger picture of humanity. Now, I'm a part of the greater
community of peacebuilders. Bisrat Abebe Bisrat, Ethiopia

Join the network! Now Accepting Applications for Summer Peacebuilding

Program Graduate Certificate in Conflict Transformation

At the SIT <>
Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA.

Topics of Study: Conflict analysis and interventions, inter-communal

dialogue, negotiation and mediation, peacebuilding and development,
healing and reconciliation, peace education, training skills, issues of
global relations, and more.

THE PARTICIPANTS: Human rights workers, non-profit and NGO middle and

senior level managers, government employees, mental health
professionals, educators, graduate students, etc. View profiles
<> of previous participants and
their testimonials.

THE FACULTY: A diverse team of international experts and active

practitioners in the field of peacebuilding and conflict transformation,
including: Paula Green <> , EdD,
USA; Tatsushi Arai <> , PhD, Japan;
Kevin Clements, PhD <> New Zealand, Baht
Latumbo, MA <> Philippines, Joseph
Sebarenzi <> PhD,
Rwanda. Susie Belleci, MA, USA, Paddy Moore, MA, USA, George Lakey
<> , PhD, USA, Steven Botkin
<> , EdD, USA, Jackie Ogega
<> , PhD candidate, Kenya.

The Summer Peacebuilding Program <>
(May 30-June 17, 2011) is a three graduate credits course that can be
applied toward the Graduate Certificate in Conflict Transformation
<> (Summer Peacebuilding + Distance
learning from September 11-May 12) or integrated with one's own
program of study.

Application <> deadline: April 15,
2011. For more information visit
<> or write to
<> Please forward this e-mail to
appropriate colleagues. Thank you for strengthening our network of