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Training Programme at Deutsche Welle, Berlin

The training program of the Classic Traineeship alternates between theory and practice.

1. Practical TrainingDeutsche Welle's training program is geared toward real life situations. In the course of 18 months, the trainees go through various German language departments of the Deutsche Welle in Bonn and Berlin. They can also gather practical experience at DW Studio Brussels or DW-Hauptstadtstudio Berlin, DW-TV's studio overlooking parliament in Germany's capital city.

2. Compact SeminarsPractical training is supplemented with a total of three one-month seminars at DW-AKADEMIE. Here, trainees have the opportunity to fine-tune their journalistic knowledge and skills with in-house and guest trainers. The topics include the following:
  • journalistic formats
  • research methods and presenting techniques
  • working with texts, sounds and pictures
  • designing Web sites
  • basic training in video journalism
  • journalistic ethics and press law

3. Posting of Choice
Each trainee has the opportunity to select a one-month external posting at a location of their choice. Whether it's a broadcaster or a different kind of institution, at home or abroad -- the posting of choice is a unique opportunity to give your traineeship a personal touch that could prove decisive in the future.

Duration of Traineeship 18 months

Traineeship LocationsBonn and Berlin
1st six months: 1,442.98 €
2nd six months: 1,531.03 €
3rd six months: 1,613.41 €,,3401174,00.html