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11th Essex Conference in Critical Political Theory, Colchester, UK, 15-17 June 2011‏

11th Essex Conference in Critical Political Theory, Colchester, UK, 15-17 June 2011‏
FEW doubt we face a series of connected global challenges: the dangers of climate change and environmental degradation; a crisis of international finance and global capitalism; an ever-increasing logic of minoritization, which threatens to fragment communities and societies; greater social and economic inequalities, both nationally and globally; the intensification of various forms of religious belief, including fundamentalism, alongside a growing secularization of communities and societies; securitization of society, and a palpable disillusionment with politics and politicians. There is little doubt that those who wish to go beyond the contradictions and failures of our contemporary condition find it difficult to elaborate plausible interim visions that can point us out of the current malaise. This yearʼs theme connects these global challenges to the exploration and articulation new imaginaries for the future.

GLOBAL CHALLENGES, NEW IMAGINARIES takes up the challenge of rethinking different aspects of global capitalism, religion, the place of minorities, and the environment, focusing on the alternative visions being proposed, the role of new media in these processes, and related themes. The conference also seeks to problematize and explore the role of theory in the academy. Our invited speakers shall deliver keynote addresses to the conference that will shape the discussions with their distinctive voices and perspectives. Each of the speakers will address one or more of the title themes.
Professor Thomas Dumm, Amherst College, USA
Professor Davide Panagia, Trent University, Canada
Professor Moya Lloyd, Loughborough University,UK
Professor Martin Parker, Warwick Business School, UK
Professor Helen Sullivan, University of Birmingham, UK
Professor Hugh Willmott, Cardiff Business School, UK
Dates: 15th-17th June 2011
Location: University of Essex, Colchester, UK
Deadline for Paper, Panel, and Roundtable Proposals: 29th April 2011
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