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2011 PhD Student Position in Astrobiology at Stockholm University, Sweden

The Department of Astronomy consists of about 10 professors, 12 researchers and 25 PhD students, with a wide variety of nationalities. Research areas stretch from the Sun to the distant Universe.
The research project will be in the area of Star Formation and Exoplanets, where one astrobiologically relevant project will explore the possibilities to detect life at astronomical distances by so called biomarkers. One challenge is to find biomarkers, which are sensitive to a wide range of organisms but also exclude known abiotic processes. Another task is to find methods, which are capable of detecting biomarker at long distances.
The project requires the ability to work independently in addition to collaborative skills and creative thinking. Since the project is part of international collaborations good oral and written communication skills in English are required. Furthermore, since the student is expected to participate in the activities of the Stockholm University Astrobiology Centre, the ability to communicate over the boundaries of one’s own discipline is required.The position is open to all nationalities who at the start of the position have the equivalent of a Masters degree in astronomy or physics.
Scholarship Application Deadline: May 2, 2011
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