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6th International Summer School in Anthropology of the Balkans, Konitsa, Greece, 27 July - 11 August 2011‏

The Konitsa Summer School organising committee is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the 6th "International Summer School in Anthropology, Ethnography and Comparative Folklore of the Balkans" that will be held in the town of Konitsa, Greece in the period 27/7–11/8 2010. Konitsa is a highland town situated next to the Greek - Albanian borders.
Three hundred (370) students from more than fifty five (55) countries and one hundred (100) universities have attended the previous five Schools (2006-2010). Fifty five (55) university teachers from fifteen (15) countries and twenty (20) universities have taught, and thirteen (13) guest speakers from eleven (11) universities have delivered lectures.
Maurice Godelier, Jane Cowan, Dimitra Madianou, Efi Voutira, Rajko Mursic, Fotini Tsimbiridou, Kirsten Hastrup, Thomas Eriksen, Dzemal Sokolovic, Michael Herfeld, Sarah Green, Chris Hann and Neni Panourgia are included among them.
This year the Summer School offers 7 courses taught by 16 lecturers, fieldwork
trips in both Albania and Greece, workshops and key lectures to be delivered by Prof. Michael Stewart and Cesare Poppi.
The deadline for the submission of applications is May 15, 2011.
Each applicant should complete an application form and send it via email to:
For a detailed description of this unique opportunity and the application form see, please, the following website:
For any further questions or information please feel free to email: