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Constitutional Courts in Political Transformation Processes, Humboldt University, Berlin, 22 September 2011‏

We are inviting applications for a workshop for graduate students and PhD researchers on the role of constitutional courts in political transformation processes. This workshop takes place in the framework of an international conference. There will be the possibility to discuss the paper with the renowned experts Prof. Dr. Wojciech Sadurski and Dr. Alexei Trochev. The participants of the workshop are also invited to attend the following conference with political and legal scientists.
The central aim of both, the conference and the workshop, is to discuss if and how constitutional courts contribute to democratization or democratic consolidation. At the latest since the 1990s, when constitutional courts are mushrooming in all parts of the world, the institutionalization of judicial review is regarded as a key variable in the democratization processes. However, an empirical look shows that there is actually a broad range of patterns, reaching from very active “advocates” to more passive “notaries” of already established democratic achievements, and even to constitutional courts which actively try to slow down or stop any democratic change.
The Conference will focus on the role of constitutional courts in Central and Eastern Europe. The German constitutional court will also be considered as an historical example as well as an “Export-Model”. Studies involving courts from other (non)democratic countries, preferably with a comparative angle, are also welcome.
Apart from the country examples we also welcome contributions with more theoretical approaches for the analysis of the relationship of constitutional jurisdiction and democratization.
Deadline for submission of the abstracts is June, 1 2011. Abstracts should indicate the academic significance of the topic, relevance of conceptual literature, and analytical structure. In addition to the proposal (no longer than 500 words), applicants will be expected to provide a short statement of support from their supervisor (no more than 300 words) and a CV.
Call for Papers
Advocates or Notaries of Democracy? A Comparative Socio-legal Analysis of the Role of Constitutional Courts in Political Transformation Processes
Department of Social Sciences & Law and Society Institute, Law Faculty
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
September 22nd 2011, 10.00 - 15.00
Workshop for young researchers
Completed submissions can be made by email only to Christian Boulanger: Interested persons can also enroll by contacting Judith Engelke: