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Food Valley Ambassador Program, UK 2011

The Food Valley Ambassador Program is looking for international students with the ambition to start an international career in food and life sciences research. The program is organised by the Food Valley organisation, Wageningen University, Nutri-akt and ten multinational companies. These companies offer high-potential students an extra-long one-year internship opportunity in the Food Valley region. The program strives to connect you with a company that has activities in your home country.
Food Valley Ambassador Program offers:

One-year internship for Wageningen University master’s students from the programmes: Biotechnology, Food Technology, Food Safety, Nutrition & Health, Animal Sciences.
If you are presently an MSc student at Wageningen University and want to apply for this internship, please contact Martina Starovi?ová in the Biotechnion building (307), room n.417.
(Partial) Scholarship for international students to start an MSc study in Food Technology or Food Safety at Wageningen University, including a one-year internship.
Scholarship Application Deadline:15 June,2011
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