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International PhD Scholarship at Lancashire Law School, UK

Applications are invited for a full-time scholarship available in the Lancashire Law School. The scholarship is tenable for up to 3 years for a PhD (via MPhil route) [subject to satisfactory progress] and is open to international applicants only. UK/EU applicants are not eligible to apply. The scholarship will provide £15000 towards the cost of the International tuition fee over 3 years. The EU has been a key player on the international arena due to its position as the most powerful trading bloc in the world. Increasingly, the EU uses its economic leverage to influence changes in domestic sphere of trading partners which go beyond commercial co-operation and adjustment. These stretch from the liberal reforms of the domestic markets towards greater openness and privatisation to insistence of political reforms and upholding human rights standards. Egypt, Libya and Tunisia are EU partners under the EU Neighbourhood Policy (The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership). This project will outline and analyse the Neighbourhood polices deployed in relations with those countries, and also the indirect influence that the EU exerts ‘through trade’.The main purpose of this research will be to assess the impact of the EU policies on those countries law and politics, particularly from the perspective of the upheavals that those countries are currently undergoing. Such assessment should lead to a better understanding of the effects of EU policies in those countries and should lead to evaluation of the EU capability to effectively promote democratic change and stable political conditions in its partner countries.Applicants should have studied, or have a solid background in the EU law, or expect to receive a qualification equivalent to a high class UK honours degree. LLM, or equivalent will be an advantage.Scholarship Application Deadline: 13 May 2011
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