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Internship at Analytica, Skopje (Macedonia)

Aiming to build a network of young researchers from all over the world who have an interest in the Balkan (SEE) region, Analytica launched its internship programme, providing an opportunity to visit, reside and conduct research in Macedonia and the wider region. The research interns spend three months, during one of the three internship periods (spring, summer and autumn), doing research and actively participating in the work of Analytica, while also gaining hands-on experience of the region and skills in think-tank work. After the completion of their internship, research interns remain part of Analytica`s community and future cooperation on various projects is encouraged.
One of Analytica`s unique qualities, every time yielding success with research as well as with intercultural experience, is the internship program.
The program primarily focus on a residential type of internship which enables research interns to be based in Skopje, Macedonia and utilize all the resources of Analytica, including office supplies, information and resources needed for research, links and contacts for interviews and other means of data collection.
However based on the needs of the Research Fellows, Analytica may publish a call for non residential internship which provides the research interns with every kind of support excluding residence in Skopje and work in the office.
Prior to every internship period Analytica team prepares a list of Internship topics. This list of topics includes areas of research which are complementary to Analytica`s research programmes of that period. research interns may either choose their research topic from the list, or, if eligible, they can propose their own research topics.

Some of the obligations of research interns during their residence in the office of Analytica are as follows:
  • Doing desktop research in their subject
  • Doing interviews, surveys or other types of data collection for their reports
  • Helping the executive director and, the research fellows and the Founding Council members in their work
  • Proofreading the articles before publishing
  • Providing logistical support in organizations of different events of Analytica

Within clear deadlines every intern submits first draft of his report for which feedback is given by Analytica`s experts, then completes the research by submitting the final version of the report. These reports are collected and then published in the Yearbook of research interns of Analytica. The format of the reports is not constrained to a specific writing style, however we encourage writing of policy papers. The reports should have a clear approach and strategy and be up to 10 pages long. More information about the specifics of writing and referencing are available upon the selection of the research interns.
Funding and support
This program of Analytica is considered to be voluntary, therefore is unpaid. All of the expenses should be covered by the research interns.