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The Romanian Cultural Institute - Grants for foreign researchers‏

RCI awards 5 grants on a yearly basis. The field for which the evaluation and selection is
performed: collecting reference materials and research.
The program is dedicated to academic improvement, focusing upon undergraduate and graduate
students (MA and PhD) who prepare their final papers (dissertations, theses).
The selection is performed by an independent committee of professionals, based
on an application file that must contain the resume of the candidate, a project
description, the application form and a reference letter from the supervisor of
the BA or MA dissertation or doctoral thesis. The main topic of the projects
has to refer to a particular issue regarding Romania. Adding to that, the
documentation and research period takes place in Romania until the end of this
calendar year.
Deadline for submitting the applications: May 15th, 2011
Please visit our homepage for detailed information regarding the application process: