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Strengthening European Participatory Democracy Sofia, 1-8 May 2011

The National Student Confederation along with JEF and UEF-Bulgaria have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the international training course "Strenthening European Participatory Democracy".
In the post Lisbon Europe more and more decisions move from a national to a European level. Besides those legal and political changes, it is important to develop a European consciousness in order to live and work in a globalising world and be not only a citizen but an active citizen. However, active citizenship is not only important for the people living in the EU, it is also necessary for the EU itself. The EU depends on participation and needs a political and active citizen. However, there seems to be a lack of knowledge about the various possibilities for creating and being part of the European civil society.
The training course "Strengthening European Participatory Democracy" to be held in Sofia from 1 to 8 May, 2011 will provide young people with knowledge and skills for active participation in the democratic life of the union. The political, social, economic and cultural aspects that the course addresses will contribute to shape a vision how to strengthen European democracy and reaffirm the concept of active European citizenship.
The participants will acquire competences about how to develop activities fostering European citizenship and practical knowledge how to communicate the EU to the young citizens. The ideas and knowledge generated during the course can be used by every participant and be implemented at local level
Panel discussions, working groups, lectures, plenary sessions, simulation games and information market will be some of the methods used to debate these issues.
The rich social program, including horse ride in Vitosha mountain (optional), parties and sightseeing trip to the Rila Monastery, one of the most significant and picturesque monuments on the Balkans, will enable the participants to feel the atmosphere of Bulgaria - an ever-evolving and modern country with great cultural heritage and traditions, dating back from Roman and Byzantine times.
Age 18-30
Countries EU Member states
Costs 70% of Travel Costs will be reimbursed (up to 230 Euro)
Fee/person 75 Euro participation fee/person
Board & lodging covered by the organisers
Deadline for applying: 24 April 2011!!!