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2011 Louise McKinney Scholarship at University of Calgary, Canada

Graduating students completing their undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary and proceeding into a professional degree program in the upcoming year must complete this form and submit it to Enrolment Services in order to be considered for a Louise McKinney Scholarship. Complete this form ONLY if you will be graduating this June or November and intend to enroll directly into a professionaldegree program (i.e. law, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, chiropractic, optometry or veterinary medicine) this fall. Students continuing in their current undergraduate degree program are automatically considered for this scholarship without need for application.
Note: Graduating students intending to enroll in Masters or Ph.D. programs are ineligible for these awards and should contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies for information about Alberta Scholarship Programs awards opportunities offered at that level. Award Conditions for Students Entering Professional Faculties
• Offered to undergraduate Alberta residents who have demonstrated outstanding academic ability.
• Based on academic achievement in a minimum of 4 full-course equivalents (24.00 units) taken during the
previous consecutive Fall/Winter terms.
• Graduating students must be proceeding in one of the professional programs listed below in the upcoming
academic year at a recognized post-secondary institution.
•No Application Required ; nominations are done automatically by the Student Awards office
Scholarship Application Deadline: JUNE 1, 2011
Further Scholarship Information and Application