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2011 PhD Position in Legal Theory at VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands

We are looking for a candidate with a master degree in Law and a special interest in at least two of the following fields: legal theory, political theory, and rhetoric/argumentation theory. Candidates have excellent analytical skills and are able to write a well-structured and appealing research proposal. Candidates should furthermore be fluent in English and Dutch and should also have a sufficient mastery of German and/or Spanish.
Scholarship Description: The Faculty of Law is an inspiring organisation with over 250 employees and approximately 300 students. The faculty offers various Bachelor and Master courses in Dutch Law, Notarial Law and Criminology. The VU Law Academy offers post academic courses to lawyers and other legal experts. The scientific research of the faculty consists of four research programmes: Migration Law: Between Citizenship and Human Rights, Balancing Public and Private Interests, Legal Principles in the International Context and Law enforcement in the Risk Society. The research project focuses on three fields in which extreme measures had and have to be justified in reaction to some (real or perceived) evil situated in the past, the present and the future: a) extreme cases of injustice related to World War II; b) terrorism and c) economic crises. Parliamentary debates, speeches and declarations by legal and political authorities in relevant cases within these fields will be analyzed and compared in two or three European countries: The Netherlands, Germany and/or Spain, depending on the linguistic capabilities of the PhD candidate. The supervisors are Prof. Dr. B.M.J. van Klink and Prof. Dr. W.J. Veraart. The candidate will be based at the department of Legal Theory and Legal History in the research group Boundaries of Law.
How to Apply: Online
Scholarship Application Deadline: Before June 13th, 2011
Further Scholarship Information and Application