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2011 PhD Program in Logistics at Kühne Logistics University, Germany

The Kühne Logistics University (KLU) is a newly-founded research-oriented university with a focus on logistics and business leadership. Its mission is to educate future leaders in logistics and management and to conduct research for the benefit of society. In particular, it seeks to advance scientific knowledge and to apply it in the interrelated fields of logistics, marketing, and leadership. As an integral part of this mission, KLU is committed to offering, in English, a unique and internationally-competitive Ph.D. program in logistics and its interrelated fields (e.g., marketing and leadership).
During the start-up period the Kühne Logistics University cannot grant state accredited Ph.D. degrees in its own right. Up and until receiving this right which will be supported by hiring professors with strong research capabilities, THE KLU will admit students to its Ph.D. program only if there is a cooperating partner (e.g., from our program faculty) accepting a joint supervision including the examination at his or her university. Ph.D. students will receive a close supervision from a KLU professor and one non-KLU reviewer.
Scholarship Application Deadline:June 30, 2011
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