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Bucharest International Summer Seminar, Myths, Heroes and Identities Dead Line 11-18 May

Asociatia Studentilor la Istorie DACIA/ ISHA Bucharest is
pleased to announce you that from 4th to 10th of July
2011 will take place
Bucharest International Summer Seminar
“Myths, Heroes and Identities”.
The subscription period begins on 6th May and
ends on 11th May 2011 with the possibility to be postponed for
another one week and the participation fee is 70 €.
For details check ISHA Bucharest’s web page (
where you can also find and download the application form which you may send
back to
The seminar will be attended by a number of 60 participants
– history and other connected sciences students that will be divided into 6
workshops (10 participants per workshop): 1. Heroes and founding myths; 2.
Popular beliefs, superstitions and urban legends; 3. National identity in
European politics; 4. Homo sapiens sapiens – a gender breakthrough; 5.
Minorities and international conflicts; 6. Cultural identity and globalization.
For additional informations check: