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Call For Papers, European and Security Affairs Journal‏

European and Security Affairs Journal
VOL 19 and VOL 20
The European and Security Affairs Journal is a specialized publication of the
Centre for European & Security Affairs (Institute for Democracy and Mediation).
The ESA Journal’s main objective is briefing the Albanian targeted readers and
the public at large on key reforming issues of local, regional and international
concern and to stimulate debate, analysis and policy discourse on issues that
combine conceptual and empirical analyses.
This journal has been dedicated in the past four years in keeping the public
informed on key policy issues in security sector reform and performance,
European and Glob al security trends, NATO current and future priority debate
areas, Albanian ch al lenges to reforms in security sector institutions and
governance, debating issues and partnerships of NATO with EU and other glob al
With the purpose to promote comprehensive research and policy options in the
current proposed issues, IDM Center for European & Security Affairs invites
scholars, researchers, university lecturers, public policy practitioners, and
graduate students at advanced stages of research, to submit 500-word proposals
for papers to be published at the 19th and 20th issue of the Journal, with the
following topics of wide coverage:
VOL. 19:
1. Security Sector Reform Perspective in Albania : Reforms and Challenges
of the Constitutional and Legal Regulatory Framework.
Articles’ major focus may involve key issues of interest in the following
proposed thematic areas:
- Prospects and problems of legal reforming in the security sector in
Albania ;
- The Albanian Constitution and Legislation in relation to the
challenges in the Security Sector;
- Towards further legal improvements/ constitutional adjustments to
promote good governance in security sector;
- The context of Albanian security sector legislation and its alignment
with the EU acquis / or NATO standards;
Deadline for abstracts is 15 June 2011.
Final deadline for papers is 15 July 2011.
VOL. 20:
1. Local and Regional Challenges and Best Practices in the area of
Security Sector Cooperation in the Western Balkan Countries
Articles’ major focus may involve key issues of interest in the following
proposed thematic areas:
- Albania ’s perspective towards cooperating with neighboring WB
Countries in the security sector;
- Best practices of regional cooperation to enhance security sector good
- Bilateral and/or multilateral cooperation and its impact on the
security sector and/or vice versa;
- Building networks of cooperation in specific security fields as a
prerequisite for establishing good security sector governance;
- Future challenges in enhancing cooperation in the security sector
among Western Balkan countries;

Deadline for abstracts is 15 September 2011.
Final deadline for papers is 15 October 2011.

Please take note that these are the suggested topics. Other ideas on related
topics would be taken into consideration from the reviewing board. Comparative
but also single case studies that analyze these issues from various perspectives
(political science, IR, public policy, economic etc) are encouraged. The journal
seeks to publish original work which has not been published previously.
- MS Word Document
- Papers should be written in Chicago referencing style:
- Times New Roman, 12pt, single space
- Limited to a maximum of 5000 words (including bibliography)
- English or Albanian language
We would like to invite you to submit paper-proposal of max. 500 words,
indicating and a short (150-200 word) bio via e-mail to For
further details do not hesitate to contact