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Call for Scholarship Applications for PhD Programs 2012 at IMT, Italy

Knowledge of the English language is compulsory. Courses and seminars are held in English. English is the official language of all academic and administrative activities. Foreign Ph.D. students will benefit from Italian language and culture courses.
Italian Degree holders: – “Laurea Magistrale” (or “Specialistica”), according to DM n° 509, of November 3, 1999 – Four- or five-year degree according to the previous rules of the Italian higher education system
Foreign Degree holders: Foreign degrees are considered and their eligibility is assessed by the Selection Committee. The minimum duration of university studies is equivalent to four years full time. If admitted, foreign degree holders are required to hand in a “Dichiarazione di valore”. This document is not required to apply (see documents for enrollment).
Graduating Applicants: applicants obtaining their degree by no later than December 24, 2009 may apply (Italian or foreign degree according to the previous descriptions). Graduating applicants will be accepted “under reserve” and must send by e-mail to the MS certificate or a declaration under their own responsibility including a full list of exams with obtained marks, not later than the first working day after the announced deadline for graduating applicants.
Scholarship Description: IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca is an international Graduate School and Institute of Technology that acts as a research university with the aim of forming human capital –specifically with regard to its PhD programs- in disciplines characterized by their high potential for concrete application. IMT strives to reach the fusion of theoretical comprehension and practical relevance. The following goals are at the core of IMT’s mission statement: •to establish itself as a research center that promotes cutting-edge research in key areas, structuring its Ph.D. Programs in close connection with research activity; •to attract top students, researchers and scholars through competitive international selections; •to contribute to technological innovation, economic growth and social development.
Scholarship Application Deadline: September 28th 2011
Further Scholarship Information and Application