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Cosmopolitanism- In Search of A Cosmos, Fred Dallmayr, Istanbul Sehir University, Monday, 23 May 2011, 13.30‏

The 3rd of the
Sehir Talks, Public Lecture Series, organized by Istanbul Sehir University,
will take place at the Conference Hall on Şehir’s Altunizade Campus at 1.30
p.m. on Monday May 23, 2011. The distinguished guest of this talk will be Prof.
Fred Dallmayr who is a well-known philosopher specialized in political thought.
Dallmayr, a renowned
intellectual-thinker, will speak about some steps in the direction of
clarification by differentiating between some possible meanings of the term, “cosmopolitanism”.
Noting the close connection between cosmopolitanism and
"globalization", he will first turn attention to the global extension
of markets and communications networks. Taken in this sense, cosmopolitanism
refers to ongoing, empirically observable processes of border-crossings and
hybridization. In a second
step, he will move from empirical description to the normative level, that is,
to cosmopolitanism as a moral vision - whether this vision is formulated as the
Kantian demand for global justice or the Habermasian stress on discursive
validity claims. Noting the
dilemma besetting Kantian and post-Kantian formulations - the antinomy between
"is" and "ought", between vision and practice - in a final
step, he will focus on the practice of cosmopolitanism, that is, the agenda of
a global pedagogy cultivating the search for a viable "cosmos"
reconciling the split between description and norm and also the gulf between
global and local dimensions of public life.
Previously in the “Şehir
Talks” Public Lecture Series, Prof. Ahmet Davutoğlu, acting Minister of Foreign
Affairs of Turkey, and Prof. Seyyed Hossein Nasr have extensively debated the
issues on “Şehir/the City”, civilization, knowledge production and the ideal of
the university in a globalized world.
Address: İstanbul
Şehir Üniversitesi Altunizade Yerleşkesi
Kuşbakışı Caddesi No: 27 Üsküdar, Istanbul
Time: Monday,
May 23, 2011// 1.30 p.m.