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Diploma and Master in Advanced European Studies, Italy‏

*Study Europe in the Heart of Italy*
*Diploma and University Master in*
*Advanced European Studies*
*(DAES) 2011/2012*
One-year interdisciplinary programme covering
*EU Law & Institutions*, *EU Economics & Finance*, *EU Policies, European
Integration History and Communication*.
The faculty includes top EU directors and officials, university professors
and experts in European affairs.
*APPLY BEFORE 12 JUNE 2011 !!!***
We are pleased hereby to inform you that the *Italian Ministry for Foreign
Affairs* is offering *21 scholarships* for graduates who are nationals of
the countries listed below, to attend the *Diploma in Advanced European
Studies* *2011/2012*:
Graduates who are nationals of the above-listed countries are invited to
submit their applications through the specific on-line procedure available
on the website of the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs *from 12 May to
12 June 2011*:
*IMPORTANT NOTICE*: To apply for the above-mentioned scholarships,
interested candidates MUST submit the relevant form* through the specific
online procedure*, which is being open *until 12 June 2011 ONLY*.
Three grantees will be selected for each of the Countries listed above.
For information on the Diploma in Advanced European Studies, see our website
( ) or contact the
Secretariat of the European College of Parma Foundation ( ; tel. +39 0521 207525).
*for the above scholarships*
To apply, interested candidates must follow this procedure:
1) Open the web page
2) Register through the relevant procedure (“Registrati qui”, bottom
left side of the page)
3) After having registered (and thus created your “account”), log on
the system and access the online form
4) After selecting the language for viewing the form, the candidate
must first of all select the item “Collegio Europeo di Parma – DASE” from
the menu, then fill out the form, complete the procedure and *duly submit*it
*within the Ministry’s online system before the deadline of 12 June 2011*.
If necessary, candidates can ask for assistance by e-mail to the competent
Italian Diplomatic Representation and/or Istituto Italiano di Cultura.
Once you have made sure that you have duly and correctly submitted your
application via the Ministry’s online system, we would be thankful if you
could send your updated CV in English to this e-mail address:
Feel free to contact us for any further information on the course and thank
you in advance for your cooperation in spreading this message over to
potentially interested graduates.Please find further information on our website under the Scholarship page: