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ECMI Course on 'Minorities in Conflict Zones', 20-22 July 2011, Flensburg, Germany‏

"Minorities in Conflict Zones" is a course designed to assist young diplomats in the understanding and assessment of the role of minorities in internal conflicts prior to deploying to countries experiencing internal strife. This will include training in conflict management as well as an introduction to current minority protection regimes. Minorities are often seen as the cause of internal conflicts but in reality the situation may be far more complex. In many cases minorities are simply caught in the 'line of fire' and left to their own device to survive in the power struggle of warlords and profiteers. In other cases, the elites of minorities are directly involved in the power struggles. The course for young diplomats provides insights to types of conflicts and the various management approaches that are employed across the globe. It scrutinizes the types of actors and institutions that get involved in conflicts, and it provides an overview of existing international regimes of protection, dialogue mechanisms and quiet diplomacy. ECMI Course on "Minorities in Conflict Zones", 20-22 July 2011 in Flensburg, Germany