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Islam and the Continuing Rise of Islamophobia, Encompassing Crescent‏

From September 11, 2001 to the death of Osama Bin Laden; from the banning of the
niqab to the burning the Qur’an; from prohibitions on the wearing of religious
symbols to talk of banning religious practices in public spaces; and, from
Islamic political parties to the Arab Spring of 2011, the topic of Islam and the
rise of Islamophobia continues to be relevant. Given the change in events and
its continued dominance, Encompassing Crescent’s (EC) second issue will cover
this theme from a variety of viewpoints and topics.
EC is currently soliciting articles and book reviews on this theme, which
should be between 2-4 pages (750-1500 words)and submitted no later than June 19,
2011. Send questions on and submission for the second issue to the editors at:

Fatih Seyhanoglu
Rachael Rudolph
While listed below are suggested topics to be covered, please note that the
topics for this issue are not thereto confined. Topics may cover Islam or
Islamophobia generally and/or specifically and from a broad range of
Suggested topics on Islam
* Islam in and with the West
* Islamic identity or Identities
* Living as a Muslim in a Changing World
* Diversity in Islam
* Diversity from an Islamic Juridical Perspective
* Tolerance in Islam
* Islam, Democracy and Governance
* Islamic Movements and Political Parties
* Inter-faith dialogue
* Women in Islam
* Wearing Islamic dress and performing prayer in public places
Suggested topics on Islamophobia
* Defining What is and is not Islamophobia
* Anti-Islamism or Islamophobia?
* Factors contributing to the rise of Islamophobia
* Islam and Islamophobia in a particular country/region
* Perceptions and Stereotypes of Muslims and its impact on Islamophobia
* Social Acceptability of Muslims in the West
* Are discrimination, racism and hatred of Muslims different from other forms?
* Strategies for combating Islamophobia
* Impact of Usama Bin Laden on Islamaphobia
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