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Linköpings University offers PhD Student Position in Computer Vision, 2011 in Sweden

Research at the Computer Vision Laboratory is conducted in the areas of cognitive vision systems, image analysis, object recognition, 3D geometry, and computer tomography. Undergraduate education covers computer vision, image sensors, image and signal analysis, and engineering of computer vision systems. The research project associated with this position studies design and evaluation of algorithms for adaptive vision systems. When people look at each other, the cerebellum and the brainstem are heavily engaged. On average three times a second we change gaze, in order to perceive various aspects of body language, and in parallel with this we follow moving targets with our gaze. In this position we will implement and investigate similar functionalities on a robot platform. Examples of topics: adaptation of the visuo-motor function of a robot, combined gaze stabilization and target tracking, adaptation of correspondence functionality in a stereo vision system.
How to Apply: Online
Scholarship Application Deadline: No later than 2011-06-07
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