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MA in Black Sea Cultural Studies, International Hellenic University‏

The MA in Black Sea Cultural Studies (full-time) is a one-year programme comprised of three parts over three semesters. It is taught mainly on weekdays over three-hour teaching periods. The first two semesters cover the core and elective modules of the programme. Each teaching term has 10 teaching weeks followed by a 10-day exam period.
The MA in Black Sea Cultural Studies offers two specialisation streams in order to provide specialised education in two demanding areas of interest. In the second semester, the students will choose one of two specialisation streams: a) Archaeology-History b) Politics-Economy. The students will complete three required and two elective modules for each stream to fulfil the taught-module requirements of the MA.
Applications accepted throughout the year.
International Hellenic University
School of Humanities
14th km Thessaloniki - Moudania
57001 Thermi
Telephone: +30 2310 807525,529
Fax: +30 2310 474520