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Picturing Moral Courage- Stories of Survival, Conference, Sarajevo, 15-16 July 2011‏

The Post-Conflict Research Center, the Center for Justice and
Reconciliation, PROOF Media for Social Justice and the Embassy of the United
States in Bosnia and Herzegovina invite interested students from the Western
Balkans to apply for participation in the “Picturing Moral Courage: Stories
of Survival” conference. The conference will be held on July 15th and 16th at
Hotel Europe in Sarajevo and funding has been secured for regional student
*About the conference: *
“Picturing Moral Courage: Stories of Survival” aims to educate participants
about the topic of moral courage using several creative approaches: a photo
exhibition depicting rescuers from all over the world and their personal
narratives; workshops that teach students how to use photography, media, and
other forms of artistic expression as a tool for peacebuilding and social
action; and a dramatic reenactment of rescuer narratives performed by
professional actors. Additionally, conference panelists and speakers will
present a wide variety of perspectives and topics from the fields of
genocide, education, art, media and peacebuilding. This conference will
give students from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the greater Balkans
region, the chance to interact with each other and can play a role in
creating a network of informed citizens and youth members who can promote
peace and reconciliation in their respective communities. Bosnia and
Herzegovina is a country deeply affected by consequences of the recent war,
therefore, this conference aims to educate members of Bosnian youth and
civil society about topics related to moral courage and rescuer behavior and
their importance to sustainable peace in the country. One of the most
detrimental impediments to reconciliation and peacebuilding efforts is the
educational division within Bosnian schools throughout the country. This
divided system administers separate curricula to students of different
ethnicities, resulting in three independent understandings of conflict and
*Application requirements:*
Students, including undergraduates, graduates and post-graduates, from
Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, the F.Y.R. Macedonia,
Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia are encouraged to apply. A proven interest
in the issues the conference will address is crucial, as well as
demonstrated social and/or political engagement in your country of
origin. Round-trip
transportation, accommodation and some meals will be covered for all
selected participants.
**Applications are due on June 15th**
For more information, or to request an application, please send an email to