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Summer school of the B/C/S language, Sarajevo, 18-29 July 2011‏

This summer, the Association Linguists is organising the third Summer School of the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Language.
The enrollment lasts until July 1, and we have a special discount for those who apply before June 1!
Use your summer vacation to remind yourself of our language(s) and of the taste of the water from Bašèaršija.
If you think that you have experienced Sarajevo fully, we will take you to Mostar! This year we will even make a small detour to Poèitelj to get some inspiration.
At classes, we will talk about the idle natural beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina, modern art, culture of living once and today, the arrival of globalization into our society, and about important characters and events from history.
We will not be talking about traditional things, such as coffee, folklore, literature and cuisine, we will experience them together!
Of course, we will also watch one movie at the Sarajevo Film Festival.
At our web page you can find the Summer School Brochure and the electronic application form. Once you send in your application form, you will receive instructions on lodging possibilities, payment, and everything you need to know.