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Young Journalists and Authors' Rights, 6-7 July 2011, Ohrid, Macedonia‏

"Young journalists and authors' rights" is a two day conference in the frames of the global journalism event "Integrating Europe Online" taking place in July 2011 in Ohrid, Macedonia. The event is designed for aspiring young journalists who are dynamically reporting European issues and affairs with the purpose of practicing active citizenship and raising awareness regarding today's most relevant issues. Including a total of 40 participants from different European regions the program introduces a methodology which through active critical thinking, constructive debating and immediate practice will tackle some of the most important issues of the contemporary journalism. One of these issues is certainly the journalists' authors' rights in the "digital era", a subject which is undoubtedly currently very up-to-date and important. It is crucial for young journalists, future editors and creators of the public opinion to know and to be aware of their rights and the ways how to protect their own work.
The Conference outcome - the Ohrid Conclusions about the protection of intelectual production of journalists will be published across several European online media (, Café Babel, Euroactive Blog) and dispersed among traditional media.

Papers topics and guidelines

This conference will try to raise some of the concerns related with the authors' rights of journalists, such as:

- Increasing use of journalistic content without permission on different media formats
- Lack of remuneration for re-use of their work
- Piracy and plagiarism
- Manipulation of images

The Conference agenda is equally divided into two working days and five separate panels consisting of the following topics:

Authors' rights and new media
Fundamentals of authors' rights
International treaties
EU Directives
National legislation
Copyright VS Authors' rights
Legal means of protection Authors' rights in the information society
Infosoc Directive
Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems – legal basis for protection
Protection of rights by collecting societies
Freelance vs. employed journalists
Photographers' authors' rights
Moral rights
Infringement – what steps to take?
What kind of action journalists could take against the infringers?

Applicants should send a brief summary of their paper, no longer than 600 words, and a CV to:

The deadline for submitting your summary is: 11 May 2011

All costs (meals, accommodation, travel expenses) will be covered by the organizers. However, a remuneration will not be available.

Eligible countries: Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia

Journalist, media professionals, Master and PhD students are encouraged to apply.


Forum of European Journalism Students – FEJS Macedonia
Antoaneta Ivanova
+ 389 2 2590 890