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Youth Visions Kosovo, International Progressive Education‏

International Progressive Education, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the educational opportunities of Kosovar youth, seeks motivated high school students from all over Kosovo willing to engage in a unique project of creative thinking, interethnic dialogue and social activism.

Through four “critical thinking and creativity seminars”, you will have the opportunity to explore your own ideas, visions, and hopes for ...your future and the future of Kosova. With the help of Youth Vision seminar leaders, these seminars will act as a starting point in your creation of an artistic piece that answers the question: “What is your vision of Kosovo’s future?” Your creative piece can draw from any genre including painting, photography, narrative and essay writing, poetry writing, song writing, sculpture, etc.

After completing your creative piece, all participants will gather on a “Presentation Day” to interact with peers from different ethnicities, appreciate the work created and establish potential future cooperation. During this “Presentation Day” your work will also be evaluated by a committee of international and local experts. This committee will choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards. First place will receive a prize of $150, second place will receive $100, and third place will receive $50.

Following “Presentation Day”, the work of all the participants will be collected and published in a “Youth Visions Book”, chronicling the hopes and desires of Kosovar youth. You will receive a copy of this book as a concrete outcome and product of your effort and dedication.

Yes, I wish to take part in this unique initiative. What should I do?

• Send an email to with your name/last name, city, school name and contact information. In this email, briefly explain your background and why you want to participate in the Youth Visions project.

DEADLINE: Friday, May 14, 2011

For more information, contact us at – or call us at - +377 45 248 250.