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8th European Feminist Research Conference-Strand 6, Revisiting 'Equality vs. Difference': Feminism in the 21st Century, Budapest, May 17-20 2012‏

The 8th European Feminist Research Conference will take place in Budpest,
Hungary, May 17-20 2012. The conference is organized by the Department of
Gender Studies, at the Central European University and ATGENDER, the
European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation. The
over-all theme for the conference is “The Politics of Location Revisited:
Gender@2012”. One strand for presenting papers is “Revisiting 'Equality vs.
Difference': Feminism in the 21st Century".

For this strand, we seek papers that address feminist struggles for justice
at the crossroads of multiple locations within and across axes of
signification and relations of power, and/or against the background of the
inter-disciplinary debates around equality and difference in feminist
scholarship and activism.

How have these debates transformed feminist thinking and what challenges and
promises do they raise for feminism’s potential to bring about emancipation
and social change? How do feminist scholars and activists engage with the
complexities that arise in the field in-between struggles for equality and
politics of difference? What does equality mean at the beginning of the 21st

How can feminists think and use solidarity and new strategic alliances with
other progressive movements, when locations are shifting, complex and
paradoxical? And what is the role of identity politics and representation?
We are also interested in careful and contextualized reflections on the
implications of power and privilege within feminist scholarship.

The theme of this strand raises questions of immediate importance for
feminist scholarship, especially in relation to the current European
political, social and cultural climate, where structures of inequality and
forms of discrimination are persisting, if not increasing.

The strand is co-ordinated by Jelisaveta Blagojević, Mia Liinason and Eike
Marten. You are welcome to contact us with questions or ideas on e-mail **. The deadline for submissions is July 31. Please
visit the conference webpage for more information: **