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Albanian Courses, The Center For Learning the Albanian Language, Prishtina‏

If you are in Prishtina this summer and would like to Learn Albanian, than this
is the perfect chance for you.

There are group classes that go one during the year and still continue during
the summer, but this offer is special only for the two months of summer July and
It's and intensive program and it involves every day classes of 60 minutes.

Here are the options:

1. Starting on the 27th of June and finishing on the 27th of July.
Monday-Friday of 60 min. classes.
Begging and/or Elementary level.
2. Starting on the 1st of August and finishing on the 31st of August.
Monday-Friday of 60 min. classes.
You can decide to take Proper Albanian or Gege (Kosovar dialect).

The price for this offer is 100 Euro per month if you are in a group class.

If you are interested to find out more about the best ways to Learn Albanian,
feel free to e-mail at, or call +377 45 457 544.