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Consultancy at GIZ Skopje office - Human Trafficking and Social Protection‏

The GIZ office in Skopje has
recently launched its Regional Program on Human Trafficking and Social
Protection (HTSP) to be implemented in Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia and
The main goal of the Program is to strengthen
the decentralised social service delivery structures in order to fight Human
Trafficking. In particular, the Program aims at:
of the various root causes of human trafficking and the possibilities for improved
outreach of the social protection schemes to the vulnerable groups in Macedonia;
of the social prevention as to avoid and/or reduce the incidence of human
trafficking that is often found amongst the vulnerable/marginalized groups; �
social inclusion of potential and actual victims of human trafficking.
As part of the program GIZ plans to carry out a
number of baseline studies on topics related to social protection and human
trafficking. The studies will be carried out at different time periods over the
course of the next 12 months.
Therefore,the GIZ office in Skopje is seeking fornational consultants to draft analysis on the following topics:
Poverty assessment and mapping of
vulnerable groups (with special focus on Human Trafficking);
Study on existing social protection
schemes and benefits;
General situation analysis of
Centres for Social Work (CSW);
Study on existing social delivery
mechanisms and requirements / opportunities regarding decentralisation of
social services; and
Assessment of client satisfaction
regarding social services delivery in selected CSWs.
The consultants have to have previous
experience in drafting comprehensive analysis, preferably in the field
of social services, financial sustainability and economics. The consultants,
with a sound background on research methodologies, can beï individual researchers or members of an academic or a
policy oriented institution/organization/think tank.
Interested applicants should send their CV no later than June 8th 2011 ( 14:00 GMT+1:00) to the
following email addresses:; ; and