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Internship with the Worldwide Security Initiative, Brussels

a)      Based on consultations with several governments, the EastWest Institute launched a Project on Euro-Atlantic Security, which builds on its previous work in this area. This project contributes to the process of creating an open, inclusive, and sustained dialogue to address both existing and emergent threats to the Euro-Atlantic security architecture. The project is guided in its work by an Eminent Persons Group, that includes eight high-ranking former political and military figures from OSCE countries. The EPG stimulates more focused attention than might otherwise be the case on resolution of the divisive issues on European security. Resolving frozen conflicts, addressing the CFE, and building real meaning to the concept of indivisible security are among the issues that they put to the front.
b)      EWI’s annual Worldwide Security Conference (WSC), heading into its eighth year, is a platform to reframe perceptions of international security threats and opportunities. It mobilizes experts from governments, businesses, NGOs, and academia to make practical recommendations for policy change. It will take place in Brussels on 3-5 October 2011.
WSC began in 2003 as a response to concerns on both sides of the Atlantic about the need to develop a more comprehensive and collaborative counter-terrorism effort. It has since become an annual event in Brussels, and has broadened to cover most aspects of EWI’s work, including:
  • Cyber security
  • Climate security
  • Protecting people, economies, and infrastructure
  • Energy security
  • Building a new East West consensus on weapons of mass destruction
Key Responsibilities:
The intern will support the WSI. The tasks of the intern are following:

  • Assist in the preparations and follow ups for Eminent Persons Group meetings and EWI’s 8th Annual Worldwide Security Conference including but not limited to preparing for the conference (identifying speakers for the sessions, creating speakers database, sending invitations, following up on invitations, drafting background materials, helping with communicating to speakers re: logistics, registration of the participants, following up on invitations to participants,
  • Assist with the Initiative related administrative tasks;
  • provide support in organising conferences, roundtables, conference calls and other special events
  • Preparing information on specific issues identified as priorities by the WSI (e.g., cooperation in counter-terrorism and non-proliferation; energy security; etc.);
  • Complete research on topics, institutions and individuals relevant to the Initiative as agreed with the Internship mentor;
  • Providing other types of assistance as requested by the head of the WSI.
  • Monitoring NATO –Russia relations
  • Assisting with the update of the initiative’s webpage on EWI web-site

This 3-6-month internship would begin in mid-June .

The intern will be based in Brussels. The intern will work with Liza Kurukulasuriya, the WSI Program Manager, who will monitor the overall progress and delivery of the work.

You will be required to have the following skills and qualities:
-          A completed university degree in a relevant field
-          Demonstrated interest in the field of Euro-Atlantic Security
-          Language skills:
  • fluent in English with good analytical and drafting skills
  • knowledge of Russian will be considered an asset
-          Knowledge about Euro-Atlantic Security, NATO-Russia relations, EU institutions is an asset but not required 
-          Ability to work in a pro-active environment, with a substantial input from the intern in the work of the WSI and Euro-Atlantic Initiative;
-          Ability to collect information from a variety of sources (in-person consultation will be important, as well as assessment of written material ranging from academic articles to seminar reports, government policy documents and project proposals), analyse and produce conclusions and recommendations;
-          Experience of contacting relevant key persons/institutions for the collection of information;
-          Ability to work independently
-          Applicants should be well-organised, self motivated and reliable 
-          Computer skills (Microsoft Office, Internet applications) are required
-          Applicants from countries requiring work permits have equal opportunities if they already hold a valid work permit for Belgium