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National Foster Parent Association Scholarship, USA

Applicants who reside in the United States must meet one of the following requirements:

be a legal resident of the United States;
have been granted permanent residency;
have a valid visa that does not prohibit educational studies;
have been granted temporary protected status along with approved Notice of Action issued by Citizen Immigration Services and verified through CIS Form g-845;
or have been granted asylum along with the approved Notice of Action issued by the Citizen Immigration Services.
-Applicants must be one of the following: A current foster youth (graduated from high school before June 2011);
An alumnus of foster care; or A foster parent who is either currently fostering a child or has fostered a child within the past two years;is and will remain licensed by the foster care system in their state; and will continue to foster children throughout the duration of the degree program.
-Must be a regular member of NFPA and provide NFPA number. If not a current member.
Scholarship Description: University of Phoenix is pleased to partner with the National Foster Parent Association (NFPA) to offer a scholarship program.
-NFPA was established in 1972 as a non-profit, volunteer organization.
-Its mission is to support the needs of foster families as they provide a safe environment for those in foster care.
-Today, NFPA represents thousands of foster families nationwide through foster parent affiliates.
How to Apply: Online, Post
Scholarship Application Deadline: 1 July 2011
Further Scholarship Information and Application