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Sumer Workshop: The Re-birth of civil society? Theory and practice of the new civicmovements in Eastern Europe, Budapest, 29 August - 3 September 2011‏

The Re-birth of civil society? Theory and practice of the new civic movements in Eastern Europe.It will be held in Budapest from August 29 to Septemeber 3,2011.

The workshop, with participation of scholars and practioners from Western and Eastern Europe will focus on three fields: environmentalism, migration and cultural heritage, and will have, this year, a country focus on Hungary. The Workshop is structured in three parts: lectures, case studies and practice sessions whith attention for the development of multidisciplinary discussion. In the case studies each of the field will be introduced by local experts, practitioners and leaders of civic organizations transmitting their first-hand experiences, problems and strategies.

The Summer Workshop is addressed to graduate and postgraduate students in the social sciences, academic staff, practitioners in the third sector, policy makers and others.

Contact and applications: The workshop website: