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Summer School, Understanding International Criminal Law, Sibiu, Romania, 23-31 July 2011‏

The experience of the past century bitterly reminds us of the atrocities that took place in different parts of the world in a state of impunity from national authorities and international community. The brutal legacy of the last 100 years called for the need to establish a new field of law that would allow international bodies to exercise jurisdiction over individuals for a series of very grave crimes that "deeply shocked the conscience of humanity".

We warmly invite you to this summer school in order to study a field about which little is known, but represents an unprecedented milestone in the development of international law. In the course of the event, you will be guided through the essential notions of international criminal law.

The interactive and practice-oriented approach provides the best conditions to acquire knowledge and insight on the subject matter, while the inter-cultural dimension allows you to improve your appreciation of other peoples. Therefore, this summer seminar will greatly contribute to your development, by broadening your horizons and your understanding of the international legal system and also by opening the way to a possible career in the field.

The event is scheduled to take place 23-31 July 2011 in Sibiu, Romania. It will consist of a series of daily lectures and seminars, followed by a simulation of the International Criminal Court.

The Lectures will feature international specialists that will deliver presentations on different aspects of the matter and will engage in dialogues with the participants.

During the Seminars, the participants will be divided into groups and benefit from the expertise of our trainers. They will focus on the practical approach of the knowledge accumulated during the conferences and are designed to prepare the participants for the simulation of the ICC.

The Simulation of the International Criminal Court is a stage of the project that will stretch over several months.

After registration, the participants will be divided into teams of 3 and appointed as prosecutors, defense attorneys or judges. The teams will be comprised of students from different countries, in order to:

_facilitate inter-cultural exchanges;
_encourage dialogue;
_accustom the participants with international working environment.

Each group of 3 teams (prosecution, defense, judges) will be appointed a case, but all cases will have a common context.


The project is addressed to law students who:

_have successfully completed at least 2 years of study
_are interested in international law and criminal law
_wish to develop a career as a judge, prosecutor, attorney or diplomat
_have little or no previous experience in or knowledge of international criminal law
_are interested in learning about new things
_are highly motivated and ambitious
_are driven by curiosity and competition

The registration process will be open until June 18, 2011 .

In order to apply, please send your CV and letter of motivation at .

Please indicate in the letter of motivation the 2 preferred positions that you wish to apply for (prosecutor, defense attorney or judge), in the order of your preference.

The participation fee is 100 EURO or 410 LEI.

The participation fee covers:

_accommodation for 9 nights
_3 meals a day
_coffee breaks
_conference materials
_use of all the conference facilities at the venue

Very important: Please do NOT transfer any money until we have confirmed you as a participant!