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Workshop on Embeddedness and Embedding, Gdansk, 14-15 May 2012‏

University of Gdaïsk in cooperation with The Kashubian Institute invite scholars to join in a discussion about ;embeddedness and embedding;.
The workshop addresses the embeddedness of specific subjects (types of market, of production, finance, trade, organizations etc.) in the domains of social structure and networks of agents. The distinction between embeddedness and embedding is grounded in the differentiation between the end-state of the dynamics of embedding and disembedding, and the process as such. It might be also stated that the former is rather general, network- and structure-oriented, whereas the latter is more concrete, dynamic and power-oriented. We explore whether the terminological formulations should further ramify to cover concrete manifestations of the end-state on the one hand, and those of the process of embedding, on the other hand. This of course, if there are such distinguishable manifestations of embeddedness and embedding to be established in the first place.
The workshop aims to summarize and revitalize existing debates as well as highlight new theoretical combinations and empirical sites for embeddedness and embedding research. We wish to address conceptualizations of embeddedness in interrelated fields. The overall inquiry is to what extent distinct disciplines are linked to the study of particular research sites, subjects, object/domains and differentiated levels or directions of embeddedness. We also attempt to establish the geographical diffusion of various conceptual models and schools of thought.
The meeting will take place at Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Journalism, University of Gdask; 14-15 May 2012. Selected papers will be invited for publication in a themed volume. For further details about the conference please visit: