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The Balkans: Past, Present and Future Prospects, Journal of Ankara Center for Thought and Research‏

Ankara Center for Thought and Research (ADAM)Ankara, TurkeyJournal of ADAM Academy of Social SciencesCall for PapersSpecial FocusThe Balkans: Past, Present and Future Prospects Dear Academicians and Scholars,The Balkan Peninsula is an ancient historical region. As a consequence of its geopolitical position, the Balkan Peninsula, through the ages, displayed a distinct historical and cultural homogeneity. A history of the Balkans in general is an inseparable part of Ottoman history. The common history of the Ottoman Balkans is documented and preserved in millions of written records presently kept in the Ottoman archives in Turkey and in various Balkan countries.2012 will be the 100th year of where the Ottoman rule ended in the Balkans. In order to commemorate this, ADAM has decided to prepare a volume of its journal with the focus on “The Balkans: Past, Present and Future Prospects.” In this volume, various empirical and academic topics and
contributions are expected to take place from all over the world. ADAM is highly appreciated to invite academics and practitioners of various fields to contribute to this volume.“The Balkans: Past, Present and Future Prospects” focus project’s important dates:30 September 2011Titles & Short Abstracts30 December 2011Submission of Full Papers30 April 2012End of Reviewing by Editor(s)15 June 2012Publishing the ProjectFor further information and suggestion:email: /
Associate Prof. Dr. Mesut Idriz