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IRIR 2011 Summer School, Was communism a way of modernizing society? Moeciu de Sus, Brasov County, 28 August-2 September 2011‏

CALL FOR APPLICATION: IRIR 2011, Summer School, Moeciu de Sus, Romania, 28
August-2 September 2011

Romanian Institute for Recent History - 2nd edition Summer School

Was communism a way of modernizing society?

Moeciu de Sus (Brasov County), Romania, August 28-September 2, 2011

We expect 20 participants, MA and PhD students in the fields: history,
political science, philosophy, architecture, art, law, journalism, theology,
letters, sociology, psychology, interested in Romania's recent past.

Send an application to Your application should consist
of your CV and an essay / research study of 5-10 pages on issues, topics and
approaches and which should answer the question "Was communism a way of
modernizing the society?", with suggested topics (not necessarily limited
to) such as:

� Memory of repression (Gulag, marginalizing, exclusion) vs memory of
accomplishment (industrialization, education, promoting women rights, the
increase of the life standard, sports achievements);

� Daily life, economy, society, institutions, propaganda and culture;

� The new man;

� One-class society;

� Cohabiting nationalities;

� Passive submission and participation vs combat and resistance;

� Communist mythology;

� Obedience, tradition, conformism and harmony in communist Romania;

� Members of the working class vs citizens;

� Elites� adhesion.

Participants' works will be evaluated by a scientific committee.

The deadline for submitting applications: July 17, 2011.

The organisers will cover the cost of meals, accommodation, events, tours
and educational materials. Transportation costs are covered by the

Please notice that all papers should be submitted in Romanian. The language
of the Summer School will be Romanian.

For more information and the Summer School Rules and Regulations, please