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NewDem Fellowship Programme for Young Scholars from CEE [DL: 20 July 2011]‏

Fellowship Programme for 2011/12
for Young Scholars from Central and Eastern Europe

funded by the Volkswagen Foundation

Deadline for Applications:

20 July 2011

Collegium Budapest Institute for Advanced Study has been awarded a grant
from the Volkswagen Foundation for a Fellowship Programme for young
scholars from Central and Eastern Europe. The programme, entitled
"Fresh perspectives on the new European democracies" (NewDem) is
conducted by Collegium Budapest in cooperation with Wissenschaftskolleg
zu Berlin.

As its title suggests, the fellowship programme is targeted at young
researchers in the social sciences and the humanities from Central and
Eastern Europe. Its thematic focus is on improving understanding of key
challenges and opportunities in the CEE region, through fresh
perspectives and original insights of young scholars. It offers 5-month
residencies for excellent scholars and provides a highly stimulating
environment for a multidisciplinary and international group of fellows
thereby promoting the exchange of ideas among potential future academic
leaders in the CEE region.

The Fellows are expected to work on their own projects and also to take
part in the scholarly community of the Collegium. At the end of their
Fellowship, each Fellow is expected to prepare a research paper,
reflecting the results of his/her work over the duration of the

The Call for application for the third fellowship period of the
Programme, from March to July 2012, has just been published on the
website of Collegium Budapest <>

email: <>