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Online Course, Introduction to Feminist Methodolgy Research [DL: 31/08/2011]‏

Programme (more information soon)

1- From the debates of science's object/subject to the definition of
feminists methodologies by Barbara Biglia (Universitat Rovira i

2- Feminist biology by Lynda Birke (University of Chester)

3- In the Space of Feminist Work: the movement between qualitative
research, art and film by Nirmal Puwar (To be confirmed) (Goldsmiths
College, University of London)

4- Deconstructing immigration: discourse analysis on intersections
between gender, class and racism by Ilana Mountain (Universidade
Federal de Minas Gerais and Manchester Metropolitan University)

5- Feminist Research and Activism: Possibilities an d Challenges by
Alexandra Zavos (Panteion University)

This module addresses the topic of activist research as a
methodological approach informed by feminist and post-structuralist
theory, as well as discourse analysis. Some of the key issues which we
will consider in our exploration of activist research include:
positionality, interpellation and performativity; reflexivity and
(intellectual) autobiography; co-construction as a political and
representational practice; accountability and feminist politics of
alliance. Working with key texts as well as our own reflexive accounts
of activist and/or research experiences, we will try to address the
intersections between epistemological debates, affective engagements
and political practices, which are at the heart of this approach.