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Post-doc fellows, Zentrum Moderner Orient, Humboldt University Berlin [DL: 15 September 2011]‏

5 Research Positions (2 year fixed term) at Zentrum Moderner Orient from 1 January 2012

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO) is an independent centre for interdisciplinary research on the history, societies and cultures of the Middle East, Africa, Central, South and Southeast Asia, and Europe. The focus is on influences, perspectives and connections of the south, notably of Muslims and their neighbours. The centre currently employs about 35 research fellows, the majority of them historians, students of Islam and anthropologists, from a variety of countries.

Within its research programme „Muslim Worlds �" World of Islam? Concepts, Practices and Crises of the Global", ZMO announces the opening of five research positions for PhD holders who will be expected to reside in Berlin. They should situate their work within the research programme of ZMO (see and be prepared to contribute actively to the overall programme of the Centre in addition to pursuing their personal project.

ZMO wishes to particularly encourage applications with a regional focus on Africa and Southeast Asia. In addition to the disciplines already represented at ZMO, we encourage specialists from other disciplines such as Sociology, Cultural Geography and Economic History/Economic Anthropology to apply. Working language at ZMO is English.

Applications including a CV and a project outline (max. 5 pages) and a letter of recommendation by the PhD advisor should be sent until September 15 to Dr. Silke Nagel at Zentrum Moderner Orient, Kirchweg 33, D-14129 Berlin. Remuneration will be according to Tarif des öffentlichen Dienstes (TvöD, German public sector pay scale), grade 13 (


For further information on ZMO and its programme see or contact Mrs Nagel Applications should not contain any original materials, as the documents will not be returned.