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8th European Feminist Research Conference, Budapest, 17-20 May 2012‏

Call for Papers
The 8th European Feminist Research Conference welcomes papers that keep in focus the connections among a number of relevant axes that frame current researches in the field. We have in mind connections between disciplines and interdisciplinarity; the past, the present and the future; gender and intersectionality; activism and power; local and global; margin and center. The strands listed below indicate the main lines of inquiry around which the Conference will be structured.

Participants must indicate the strand their paper addresses. Based on this indication the Conference Committee will create intersecting panels across different strands. Please be aware that the strands were created with the intention to be inclusive, and the descriptions might help you to decide what framework is the best for your research.
For Conference Strands, see:
The deadline for abstract submissions for the 8th European Feminist Research Conference, 2011 ( has been changed to September 15, 2011.