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Analytical, The Western Balkans and the prospects of the neighbourhood policy - lessons learned from the Arab spring‏

Call for Papers


Analytical is an electronic journal published by Analytica, think-tank from Skopje, Macedonia which is focused on studying and analyzing the recent and ongoing socio-political and economic developments in the Western Balkans and the wider region. The journal will include contributions that approach certain subject area from various perspectives: political, IR, economic, historical, sociological, educational, public policy, etc.

Analytical now accepts submissions for the eighth issue. The topic of the upcoming issue is:

EU and its Neighbours
(The Western Balkans and the prospects of the neighbourhood policy - lessons learned from the Arab spring)

The past two decades have been years of political and economic turmoil for the neighbouring countries of the EU27, from its immediate neighbourhood in the Western Balkans to its partners in the Mediterranean union. Nowadays, faced with diverse challenges like: the EU integration process, economic crisis, protests, fights against dictatorship regimes, and sustainable development, the countries of the EU’s neighbourhood have different agendas when it comes to their relations with the Union.

What has been achieved so far; how will the new EEAS cope with the demanding events that unfold; where will the acceptance of new members stop; what will the Arab spring bring to the table in the future relations �" are only few of the issues which concern the decision-makers in the EU and its neighbours.. Drawing from the experience of different countries, we encourage research papers that will set ground-breaking research and recommendations for the future of the relations between the EU and its neighbours in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, South Caucasus, North Africa and the Middle East.

Whilst our aim is to represent a wide spectrum of disciplines and approaches, we strongly encourage comparative and multi-disciplinary perspectives, and welcome proposals using new research methodologies. We invite submission of original research papers including but not limited to the following themes:

· The future of the Western Balkans integration in the EU
· Turkey and the EU, is there a way to get the integration back in game?
· Can the EU transfer the lessons learned from the Balkans to the South Caucasus?
· Mediterranean Union �" failed idea or successful project?
· The EEAS and the EU Future Enlargement
· Prospects for new relations between the new Arab democracies and the EU
· The future of the neighbourhood policy

We strongly encourage cross-cultural, cross-national and multi-disciplinary perspectives, with entries on new research methodologies welcomed.

Important Note:

The papers should be original and not previously published.

- MS Word Document
- Papers should be written in Chicago referencing style:
- Times New Roman, 12pt, 1.5 lines spacing, 2cm margins.
- Limited to 3500 - 5000 words (including bibliography)

Paper abstracts of up to 500 words and a short CV should be sent with full contact details (E-mail, Telephone, Postal Address) to

Deadline for abstracts is 30 September 2011.
Final deadline for papers is 31 October 2011.