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European Commission Traineeship, Brussels and Luxembourg‏

European Commission Traineeship
Brussels, Belgium / Luxembourg, Luxembourg

1 October - 28 February

The aims of the official in-service training with the Commission of the European Union are:

-to provide young university graduates with a unique, first-hand experience of the workings of the European Commission in particular, and of the EU institutions in general. The training also aims to provide an understanding of the objectives and goals of the EU integration processes and policies;
-to give trainees an opportunity to acquire practical experience and knowledge of the day-to-day work of the Commission Departments and Services. They will have an opportunity to work in a multicultural, multilingual and multiethnic environment, contributing to the development of mutual understanding, trust and tolerance. European integration will be promoted within the spirit of new governance and through active participation - creating an awareness of true European citizenship;
-to give young university graduates the opportunity to put into practice knowledge acquired during their studies, particularly in their specific areas of competence. To introduce these graduates to the professional world and its constraints, duties and opportunities.

The European Commission, through its official traineeships scheme:

-benefits from the input of young enthusiastic graduates, who can give a fresh point of view and up-to-date academic knowledge, enriching the everyday work of the European Commission;
-creates a pool of young people with first-hand experience of and trained in European Commission procedures, who will be better prepared to collaborate and co-operate with the European Commission in the future;
-creates long-term "goodwill ambassadors" for European ideas and values, both within the European Union and outside.

Training periods begin with an administrative welcome meeting followed by a two-day general introductory conference on Community matters. Attendance is obligatory for all trainees, with the exception of those based in a Delegation and those starting at a later date (deferred start). Trainees are then assigned to their Directorates-General or Services.

Where to live in Brussels

Try to find accommodation close to a metro line, or somewhere no further than 15 minutes walk from your office. The closest communes (districts) to the majority of Commission buildings, and therefore the most popular, are Etterbeek, Ixelles, Brussels and parts of Schaerbeek.

For trainees appointed to DG ENV, DG INFSO or DG ECFIN, the closest communes are Auderghem, Watermael-Boitsfort, Ixelles and Etterbeek. However, Auderghem and Watermael-Boitsfort are in the suburbs and are slightly more expensive than the other communes. Ixelles is the site of the ULB (the Université Libre de Bruxelles) so is full of student accommodation, at appropriate student prices.

For trainees appointed to DGT, the nearest communes are Evere and Schaerbeek. These communes are also in the suburbs.

For further information about the different communes of Brussels, you are advised to check the website of the Brussels Europe Liaison Office.

Where to live in Luxembourg

Try to find accommodation on a bus or train route, or somewhere no further than 15 minutes walk from your office.

-DG MOVE is situated in the EUROFORUM buildings in Gasperich. Convenient places to stay would be near the railway station (Gare), Hollerich, Bonnevoie, Merl, Belair or the city centre.
-DG HR, DG COMM, DG DIGIT, DGT, DG EMPL, DG INFSO, OIL, PMO and DG SANCO are all in the Jean Monnet building on the Kirchberg, a 15- or 20-minute walk from the centre, Belair, Limpertsberg, Grund, Rollingergrund, Cents, Weimershof and Weimerskirch.
-DG ECFIN is in the Wagner building adjacent to the Jean Monnet Building
-EUROSTAT is in the Bech Building, close to the Kirchberg in Grunewald.
-OP is near the railway station close to Bonnevoie, Merl, Belaire, Gasperich, Hollerich and the centre.

Basic living allowance

All trainees are awarded a monthly living allowance of 25% of the basic remuneration for an official at grade AD 5/1 (Commission Decision C/2007/1221). For the March 2011 traineeships, the living allowance for in-service training has been set at €1071,19 per month.

Disability Allowance

Where justified, disabled trainees may receive a supplement to their living allowance of up to a maximum of 50% of the living allowance. The Traineeships Office may consult the medical service of the Commission for an opinion if deemed necessary.

Anticipated End of Traineeship

Any trainee who terminates his/her traineeship early will be required to reimburse that part of the living allowance which he/she may have received, relating to the period after the termination date.

When is the living allowance paid?

The living allowance is transferred to the trainee's bank account monthly on the following dates, provided all the relevant documents have been submitted within the deadlines:

-First month of the stage: paid at the end of the month.
-Following months: paid around 16th of each month.

Trainees are advised to make sure that they have sufficient funds to cover all the costs of the first month of the traineeship (first rental payment, deposits and guarantees, food and transport, etc).