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Graduate Schools and Doctoral Programs Grants, University of Verona‏

Call for Applications - Graduate Schools and Doctoral Programs Grants
University of Verona, Italy

August 31, 2011 Deadline

The University of Verona opens the public selection for the admission to Graduate Schools and Doctoral Programs, Year 2012.

In order to be able to apply for admissions to Graduate Schools and/or Doctoral Programs, any applicant (regardless of age or nationality) must be in possession of either a “Laurea Specialistica/Magistrale” or a “Laurea” Degree (Vecchio Ordinamento) released by an Italian university.

Are able to apply also students with a foreign Master’s Degree (Master of Science or Master of Arts) or an equivalent Master of Science-level degree that in their country grants access to a Ph.D. program.

Applicants who will qualify for their degree within and not after the beginning date of Doctoral Programs (1st January 2012) will also be able to apply. In this case their participation will be considered con riserva ( “subject to confirmation”) and they will be required to submit the
degree certification or self- certification to Area Ricerca â€" U.O. Dottorati di Ricerca Nazionali ed Internazionali within and not after the 31st December 2011 (in accordance with DPR n. 445 dated 28th December 2000 for EU citizens). Applications missing this documentation will not be

Candidates already enrolled in a Doctoral Program can not apply for the same Doctoral Program or for a program with a similar denomination.

Candidates who have already obtained a Doctor Research Degree can not apply for the same Doctoral Program or for a program with a similar denomination.

Candidates are admitted to participate in the call subject to confirmation. Exclusion from the procedure, in case the aforementioned prerequisites are missing, may be imposed at any time as a motivated sanction, even after examination sessions. Applications submitted or received after the
closing date or without the exact title of the Graduate School/Program to which the person wishes to apply will be rejected.

The amount granted for a scholarship is € 13.638,47 per year (gross) and will be increased in situations stipulated by law. The scholarship is exempt from IRE (personal income tax).
The scholarship will be granted for the entire duration of the Doctoral program (three years) and the instalments will be paid monthly on the 30th day of each month. The first instalment of January 2012 will be paid at the end of the same mouth ONLY IF within the deadline set for December
15th, 2011 students will be correctly enrolled in our programmes and will have submitted all the necessary documentation required.

The scholarship will be increased of 50% during authorised study periods abroad. Should the student be suspended or excluded from the Doctoral Program, the scholarship will be granted just for the period in which he/ she attended it.

Scholarships will be granted on the basis of the order of the respective rankings. Should two or more students award the same score, scholarships will be assigned on the basis of the students’ financial situation, in accordance with state and regional Study Rights rules.
If one or more scholarship should not be assigned by the Schools in one or more of their Doctoral Programs, either for lack of eligibility or students’ withdrawal, it/ they may be assigned to suitable candidates in other Doctoral Programs within the same School, once again in accordance with the order of rankings, the number of scholarships may increase in case of more funding by public or private bodies, up to the point that all program places are covered by scholarships.