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Internships at the European Investment Bank Location: Luxembourg

The EIB offers a limited number of Internships for university graduates with less than one year of professional experience who wish to acquire an understanding of the Bank’s work or gain experience in the field of their studies. Internships normally last between one and five months, and cannot be extended beyond the maximum period. Most are based at the EIB’s headquarters in Luxembourg.

Our interns will gain:
an overview of the EIB's objectives and the problems arising in achieving them,
practical knowledge in the field of their studies
a first professional and personal experience through the contacts established in the course of their everyday work

Interns receive a flat-rate monthly allowance, provided they are not entitled to similar compensation from another source. We also reimburse one round trip from the country of origin or residence to the place of the internship.

Interns must cover their own accommodation costs.

If you wish to apply for an Internship in the EIB, please view Current Vacancies and respond to one of the current internship opportunities by submitting your application on-line.