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Internships at INTERPOL Location: Lyon - France

INTERPOL offers the possibility of internship for a limited number of persons from INTERPOL Member Countries. Please read the INTERPOL’s Internship policy.

INTERPOL offers continuous openings for internships. The minimum duration of an internship is 2 months. The maximum duration is 11 months.

Applicants are requested to complete the Internship Application Form. Applications are valid for a period of one year as from the date they are received by INTERPOL.

Internship Application forms are to be sent to:
Police Training and Development Directorate

If you have not received a reply from INTERPOL within three weeks after submission of your application, this means that INTERPOL does not have an internship to propose you for the time being. INTERPOL will only contact you if there is a possibility of internship.

INTERPOL shall not be liable for any injury, disability, or death suffered by an Intern, or for any medical or hospital expenses which may be incurred in the course of his/her internship. Interns will be requested to provide proof of enrolment in a health insurance plan. INTERPOL shall not be liable for any material or physical damage that the Intern may cause to third parties, except in cases where such damage was a result of the performance of duties as instructed by INTERPOL officials. Interns are covered by INTERPOL's civil liability insurance for the performance of their duties as Interns.