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ISSBD and Jacobs Foundation funded 10 Doctoral Fellowships, Germany 2012

10 Doctoral Fellowships for International Students in field of Psychology and Educational Sciences to Study at their Home Towns , 2012
Study Subject(s):Psychology and Educational Sciences
Course Level:Doctoral Fellowships
Scholarship Provider: The ISSBD and The Jacobs Foundation
Scholarship can be taken at: Can study at their home institutions
a.) hold, or have documents indicating that they will soon hold, qualifications that meet eligibility requirements for entry into a PhD program. This qualification should be in a field relevant to developmental research;
b.) have identified a doctoral project in developmental research, confirmed that they are eligible to enroll in a PhD at the institution in which they intend to complete the project, and have agreement from a staff member from that institution that they will provide supervision for the project;
c.) be proficient in spoken and written English.
Scholarship Open for International Students: Yes
Scholarship Description: The ISSBD and the Jacobs Foundation share an interest in developing the careers of early career scholars from all parts of the world, including currency-restricted countries, and have established a fellowship program for this purpose. The target groups are students who intend to pursue a doctorate in developmental research, or who have recently enrolled in a doctoral program at their home institution. The program will primarily focus on students studying psychology and educational sciences; applications from neighbouring fields are also welcome. Fellowships will be located at the institutions in which the students enroll in their PhDs, and will commence in January 2012
How to Apply: Online
Scholarship Application Deadline: September 15, 2011
Further Scholarship Information and Application